Accidents Resulting In Broken Bones: Personal Injury Attorney

Broken bones present a serious health issue that can render the sufferer in an inability to work or conduct regular day-by-day activities.

Here, at GORMAN LAW, we can help you receive the needed financial support if your life has been negatively affected due to a broken bones injury that was the result of someone else’s negligence.

Most bone-related injuries fall into the category of bone fractures which are minor injuries and generally heal quickly, however, in some cases this type of injury can leave the sufferer with long-term disabilities, resulting in loss of income, on top of all accident-related rehabilitation costs. As such, whilst compensation may not undo what has happened to you, it will help you tremendously through your recovery process, as well as ease some of your worries caused by your circumstances.

Examples of accidents that can result in a broken or fractured bone injury that may grant you the possibility to claim compensation:

  • Falling over an object
  • Falling from height
  • Slipping or tripping because a puddle of liquid that has not been cleaned up
  • Being caught in a faulty piece of machinery or a machine that did not have the necessary safety precautions.
  • Incorrect usage of a piece of equipment due to the lack of training and supervision that resulted in a personal injury

All industry institutions are bound to have certain health and safety regulations. If you have suffered an accident resulting in a broken or fractured bone injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation due to employer negligence, if the necessary procedures were not in place. Timing is essential in matters like this, therefore, make sure you seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Making a Claim for Compensation for a Broken Bones Accident

The first step to be considered is finding a specialized personal injury attorney that has a long history of dealing with similar cases. Our lawyers have successfully dealt with cases like yours before, recovering significant amounts in compensation for our clients. We are considerate of your situation and we can help you through your recovery process.        

We will aid you in finding any relevant pieces of evidence that can be of help to our case.

Examples of evidence:

  • If the accident took place in the workspace or in a public place, record it in an accident book.
  • If possible, take pictures of your injuries as well as any possible equipment or circumstances that caused the accident.
  • Take the names and addresses of any witnesses to the incident
  • Obtain a report from your employer if you had to take time off work or change jobs. This will be very helpful in a claim for loss of income.

No matter your circumstances or injury severity, call us today and schedule your free consultation. If your injuries left you with an inability to move, our lawyers will come to you to discuss your case details and we will help you figure out if you are entitled to claim compensation.